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Synergy is when multiple elements in a system produces an outcome greater than the sum of their individual parts.

We understand this at PlazaBridge Group, a growth consultancy, and work hard to realize “the greater outcomes” for our clients every day.  Though we look like pretty average business people our clients tell us we are not.  Dig a little deeper into our team dynamics and you’ll find highly motivated, cooperative individuals working as innovation teams. We are passionate people intently focused on new revenue growth for your company, taking your needs each day and treating them like our next great adventure. We are individual leaders and experts working as collaborative players.

We are passionate with everything we do for our clients!

With an emphasis on sales growth, operational practices, and commercialization strategies, we immerse ourselves with your teams to affect change and re-energize workgroups with passion. Our expertise spans the spectrum of critical business functions and strategies designed are implemented by our Innovation Growth Team along side your team.  Analytic rigor, diligent tracking and reporting shares the success along our journey.

Our priority is easing the paradox of choice!

Consulting Services

PlazaBridge Group delivers a variety of consulting services with the express purpose of growing revenue. This is our history.

Industry Projects

From the inception of Plazabridge Group our founders knew that clients would emerge from many different industries and from many different stages of growth.

Functional Practice Areas

PlazaBridge Group team members are executors of business processes. We perform the work. We deliver the results.

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