2020 Product Innovation Summit

Kick-Start the Coming New Year...
Network, Hear Engaging and Insightful Stories and Learn!

Date: February 26, 2020
Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Group fees start: $239.00
non-Members: $399.00

RTP Frontier Center 800 Park Offices Drive Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

What will you learn?

Topics will include:

Top strategies to determine when to pivot, learn more about strategies to help define new directions and how to evaluate product strategies to ensure relevance for future! Talks will cover the follow(+):


A methodical approach to determining current state of the business -company, people and products


Interactive storytelling lunch  session


Defined trends impacting today’s business environments-Topics from AI to blockchain to conversational chat applications to Vr/ar and more!


Strategies that will be employed to drive your transformation (short term and long term success strategies)

Topics will Also cover

Key Take-Aways

Event starts in...


Early-Bird Fee-Range from $339.00 to $399.00


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Webinar Session: March

Terence Mills

CEO, AI-io.io

AI & blockchain solutions pioneer. A six-time CEO, Terence Mills is the CEO of AI-io.io, and industry leading data science and engineering company that envisions, conceptualizes, and delivers AI solutions in healthcare, travel, and entertainment.

Terence is also a recognized and prestigious member of the Forbes Technology Council and a monthly Forbes.com contributor on the topic of AI. Terence has been recognized as one of the top 50 AI influencers on Twitter in 2018 and 2019. As a sought-after AI thought leader, Terence participates as a keynote speaker to educate and assist business leaders and entrepreneurs about how to harness the power of AI and blockchain to solve business problems.

At Ai.io, Terence is helping to propel advances in productivity by creating of the future of work and changing how people live their lives in ways they could only have imagined. In January of 2019, AI.io announced the launch of Halo Travel, powered by Priceline Partner Network. Halo Travel is the first intelligent, voice-activated, and personalized chat bot for travel that combines virtual payments with the capability to book flight and hotel reservations all via voice. Later this year, AI.io will be delivering innovative AI solutions in healthcare that will seek to improve the quality of care by solving some of the boldest problems in the $3.65 trillion U.S. healthcare coding and payments industry.

“I’m passionate about building big businesses, boosting efficiency across the board and strengthening decision-making. Each morning I get excited by the thought of how to help business leaders transform their companies by bridging the gap of AI, blockchain, and big data to determine where they converge. As an AI influencer, thought leader, member of the Forbes Technology Council, and keynote speaker, I am evangelizing the need for a new class of AI that is explainable, accountable, not biased, nor destructive. My goal is to help executives and industry leaders to create truly efficient businesses by putting information into the hands of employees so that they can take action and strengthen decision-making often leading to revenue growth.-

Topic: The Future of Work
Date: TBD

  • What the future of work is and what it means
  • How the future of work might be applied to members of the audience
  • Vision and conceptualization through a real healthcare use case example


Paige Mullis

Leads Innovation and Advanced Projects for Glen Raven

Paige Mullis is considered Glen Raven’s innovation expert, responsible for fostering innovation and creativity at the 139 year-old company. This includes creative culture development and innovation programming on a global scale, curating innovation partners and resources, leading and implementing Design Thinking practices across the organization, supporting commercial growth through innovation driven projects, serving as an in-house creative partner for the company’s leadership and customer base, and developing specialized communication to foster collaboration internally and externally. Read more on Glen Raven’s Innovation Blog

Donald Thompson

CEO, Speaker, Investor

With two decades of experience growing and leading firms, Donald Thompson is a thought leader on goal achievement, influencing company culture and driving exponential growth. As an entrepreneur, Donald has led companies which have attained successful exits with strong returns for shareholders and employees.

Donald is currently CEO of Walk West, a digital marketing firm recently recognized by Inc. as the fastest growing agency in North Carolina for 2018 and 2019. In addition, Donald serves on boards for several organizations in the fields of technology, marketing, sports and entertainment and is a mentor for Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange.

A member of the National Speakers Association, Donald speaks frequently for businesses, organizations and universities and shares actionable insights and strategies across key functions of business strategy, entrepreneurship, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Donald has written for multiple publications including Entrepeneur.com and CNBC.com and has published his own eBooks on decision making and diversity. To learn more, visit donaldthompson.com.

Jonathan Opp

President + Partner at New Kind
An agency that helps technology companies grow through brand—especially open source and Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. Jonathan is a strategist, speaker, writer, and community builder. Born with a journalist’s spirit and a love for language, he has a life-long passion for sharing stories. He began his career in creative roles at Gateway and IBM before joining Red Hat in 2000. At Red Hat, he spent over a decade helping to build the company’s voice and brand story, most recently as Sr. Manager of the Brand Communications + Design team. He recently stepped down as the host of Raleigh’s CreativeMornings chapter, co-founded Hopscotch Design Festival, and was a past president of Raleigh’s chapter of AIGA, the professional organization for design. He regularly leads workshops on branding, storytelling, and voice.

Chris Langford

Partner with IDEA Fund Partners
Chris has been involved in the home industry for nearly 15 years as an investment banker, corporate strategist, innovation executive and venture investor. Most recently, he was the founder and Managing Director of Lowe’s Ventures, the venture capital arm of Lowe’s Companies. Across his career as an investor, he has invested more than $1 billion across all aspects of the home from construction and transaction to maintenance and consumption.

Michael Thomas

Patent holding Systems Architect at SAS
Michael Thomas, a patent holding Systems Architect at SAS, focuses on the intersection of IoT, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. He has published multiple times this year on reality technologies for the enterprise, including an article published by the Industrial Internet Consortium, “Intelligent Realities For Workers: Using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Beyond.” In addition to these and other articles, he has authored three books on programming topics. He has worked at SAS for fifteen years architecting, developing, and marketing software. He leads SAS’s support of North Carolina youth chess.

Michael Keating

Director of Innovation at RTI International

Michael Keating created and leads the innovation function in the largest business unit at RTI International, an independent, nonprofit research institute dedicated to improving the human condition by turning knowledge into practice. He is responsible for the development of innovation strategy, the implementation of process, and the nurturing of a culture of innovation. In his spare time he loves to cook, hang out with his wife and three kids, and hike.

Center for Creative Leadership

Rick Jamison

Director of Strategic Solutions
Rick joined the Center in 1990 working as a student intern within the Research area. As he finished his MIS degree in 1991, he moved into a software development role within IT. Through the 30+ years here at CCL, he has served in a number of different IT roles including Software Engineer, Analyst, Database Administrator, Manager of Knowledge Technology, and Director of Application Development. Rick has led the Center through various technological evolutions in his tenure. This includes the migration from the mainframe VAX to PC servers, the institution of CCL’s first corporate website, the development of the Internet Assessment System, the migration to the Azure Cloud, the introduction of an Analytics practice and most recently its move into Artificial Intelligence.

Dawn Barts

Commercialization Director, Disruptive Assessment, Challenge and Support

Dawn joined the Center in 1985. She helped to establish the information technology function and infrastructure at CCL. She went on to play key leadership roles as information technology became critical to
CCL’s success. Dawn was the Center’s first IT System Manager; she led the Software Development Group, and served as Interim Director of IT.

Dawn helped to grow and evolve the assessment distribution function at CCL, leading the transition from
paper based to electronic data collection and reporting. Dawn has played a key role in virtually every
successful assessment project at CCL. She has broad and deep enterprise knowledge of CCL’s operations and process. She continues to be widely counted on for her experience and expertise in systems, processes, and technology.

David Magellan Horth

Director, Innovation Venturing & Partnerships and Senior Fellow
David’s background experience includes 21 years in the computer industry. He began as a research and development engineer and emerged as a strategist specializing in creativity and innovation. On the way, he managed hardware and software development teams and major technology programs then served as marketing manager and trainer of quality improvement and innovation. David led the innovation which won the Queens Award for Technological Innovation in 1985.


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Frequently Asked Questions

General Summit Questions
December 3, 2019, Starting at 8:30am and ending at 5pm
2020 has been deemed as the notable year of dramatic change, financial headwinds, technology disruptions at hyper-speeds; on top of that it’s a critical election year! We wanted to help leaders in companies to stay ahead of the curve, to network with great people and to hear how others are Innovating through these predictive changes.
  • Our speakers will share their insights on topics important to planning for 2020, the challenges they have already experienced and foresee, and what strategies and actions have worked for them.
  • They will share how to build a culture of innovation and sell your new innovation ideas to your own company (for larger companies)
  • For founders of growth companies, speakers will share how to tell a better story to engage audiences around your innovations
  • Speakers will also share new trends and new opportunity areas for innovation
  • Our team is working with each speaker to ensure there are actionable insights that each participant will take away from the conference. We will also be holding working sessions during the conference where collaboration and creative ideation will help participants with their opportunities and challenges in the coming year.
  • You will have several opportunities to network with like-minded participants. The speakers will also be available and there are planned interactive sessions to ensure maximum impact.
  • We find ourselves working to help companies that have a desire, like we do, to solve big world problems. Its purpose-driven work. Great minds working together are proving that we can improve the world through better collaboration and exchange of ideas.
  • Whether it is a sustainability focus, a clean water focus, a focus on stomping out financial crimes, and/or working to catch and stop human-trafficking, or providing clean energy and affordable living… sharing innovative ideas and stories on what others are doing only helps everyone rise up and think bigger.

Yes, we are including a student rate, freelancer rage to our current rate list

The Innovation for Good VIDEO Contest
  • We find ourselves working to help companies that have a desire like we do to solve big world problems. Its purpose driven work. Great minds working together are proving that we can improve the world in many ways through better collaboration and exchange of ideas.
  • Whether it is a sustainability focus, a clean water focus, a focus on stomping out financial crimes, and/or working to catch and stop human-trafficking, or providing clean energy and affordable living… sharing innovative ideas and stories on what others are doing only helps everyone rise up and think bigger.
  • Videos must be a minimum of 1 minute and no longer than 2 minutes
  • Videos should focus on the following: Who are you, what is the innovation, what will it do for the intended buyers, users or groups? If you are successful with this innovation, what will the world look like in the future? Moonshot? Yes, feel free…
  • Also, what could this audience do to help you with your mission?
  • Messages should focus on what problem in the world your company’s innovation is solving.
  • Share a purpose driven message of your “innovation for good”
  • What will Plazabridge Group do with the video submissions?
  • You will retain ownership of your content and video.
  • We ask your permission to show each video at the summit so others see your wonderful efforts and work.
  • We will announce 1 winner at the conference
  • There will be a 3 to 4 person judging panel
  • There will be a weighed score
    • Creative presentation                                                    25%
    • Presentation of the Purpose                                         25%
    • Demonstration of how it works                                   25%
    • Metrics on how success will be measured                 25%

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