6 Tips to Accelerate Growth & Disrupt: #PBGGrowth2020


Now is the time to intently focus on growth. Innovations and disruptive technologies are swirling all around us making it difficult to pin down the best strategies for success.  The stakes have never been so high for executives to make effective strategy decisions and execute them flawlessly.  Be aware, however, there is a major hurdle (or limiting belief) among the executive suite:

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.09.03 AM

This is a stifling statistic! No doubt the lack of confidence in the success of the strategy will keep the company from realizing its full growth potential.

Here are a few points to plan around that may improve executive confidence and increase the critical need for success with more strategy implementations. Executive strategies directly impact growth.

  1. Only accelerate disruptive strategies when:
    • your executive team is completely aligned 
    • or you’ve isolated a small task force to innovate within
  2. Paint a foundational picture on where you are today
  3. Build a roadmap to the future you aspire to achieve
  4. Get real and get real fast, what skills and talent is missing in the organization to do all of the above
    • ask yourself and be honest: do you have the right team to determine this?
    • Is your management team diverse? you will need a diverse set of thinkers in the company to be the most effective at innovating
  5. Nail down the team that will lead the charge internally and give them ample but scaled in resources based on milestone achievements  
  6. Allow outside in influences and resource supports

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