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We Have One Goal

Reigniting Your Company’s Potential for Explosive Growth

Since the dog days of 2008, Plazabridge Group has been helping companies bring innovation front and center to their company’s success. Applying unique process improvements to all aspects of revenue growth, our experts deliver on the promises of organizational impact, market advantage and the potential of innovative product strategies. When your revenue is in focus, asking Plazabridge Group associates to work with your existing teams can be a formula for lowering risk and improving opportunities to expand markets, product lines and internal business development processes.

Who We Serve

We’ve partnered with executives and business leaders from Fortune 100 companies, start-up companies, venture capital firms, and beyond to accelerate their new revenue growth strategies.

Plazabridge Group has conducted numerous engagements with F100 companies seeking new ideas in growth strategies. Our teams have delivered products to market, conducted due diligence on M&A activity and planned new marketing automation process engineering efforts. All involve a team approach to delivering on real results, with verifiable success metrics in accelerated timeframes.

Determining the best and most lucrative growth strategy is a daunting task for any CEO. An outside perspective, experienced in growth strategies, can often be the difference between success and failure. Smaller companies require faster, efficient returns on effort; they simply can’t afford missteps. PBG understands this and is keenly focused on the early return of value in our services.


Plazabridge Group has a long history of helping the start-up community. Our seminars and “disruptive” forums supply new thinking to the community. Our connections with the VC community inevitably present early-stage companies as clients needing business strategy support. The experience we offer ensures progressive thinking and critical decision support.

Navigating operational and sales/marketing expansion activities into other countries or entering the U.S. market, can be costly if not done with foresight. Our associates have extensive experience in international expansion and delivering on a global sales and market effort. Past engagements have been delivered in both bringing international companies to U.S. markets and taking U.S.-based companies to key international markets. We provide both market studies to support decision-making and go-to-market processes that ensure early successes.

Our reputation among the VC community has been built on decades of working for, starting up, and servicing VC-funded companies. We understand how to create shareholder value quickly in support of greater round-to-round valuations.

Plazabridge Group has delivered numerous engagements to service firms in the Contract Research Organization markets, marketing SaaS segment, and professional services firms in facilities management, factory automation, and defense business.

Meet the Founders

Teresa Spangler

Teresa Spangler

Chief Executive Officer

Recognized as a luminary in the landscape of technology and innovation, Teresa Spangler has been the driving force behind numerous groundbreaking initiatives. As the founder of the Plazabridge Group and the GameDay Decisions Analytics Platform™, an AI-powered strategic tool, her ingenuity has stimulated substantial growth across diverse industries. 

Teresa’s entrepreneurial insights have been captured in her compelling book, “All That I Am Now That I Know,” encapsulating 17 vital lessons from her extraordinary journey. She extends her influence beyond the written word, engaging audiences as a motivational speaker and sharing her expertise on innovation, growth, and digital transformation.  Her forward-thinking perspective and strategic acumen have made her an invaluable asset to advisory boards of various influential organizations, such as the Global Innovation Institute (GInI.org) and Women’s Business Collaborative. Her previous advisory contributions include significant roles in the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC), and Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED).

Teresa also an Adjunct Professor and a Technology Transfer and Innovation Specialist at Appalachian State University since 2023 is a testament to her commitment to nurturing the next generation of innovative minds.

She is In possession of notable credentials from the Institute for the Future, along with qualifications in Emotional Intelligence (EQi & EQi360), Data Science, and as an Authorized Training & Assessment Provider (ATAP)® from GInI, Teresa’s diverse expertise shines brightly in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Fueled by her relentless passion for making a significant impact and bridging the gaps between technology and people, Teresa continually seeks to deploy her skills and creative ingenuity in new and challenging projects.

To decision-makers keen on driving transformation and growth in their organizations, Teresa Spangler invites you to connect. Her diverse experience and creative problem-solving approach may be the spark your company needs to reach new heights.

More about Teresa: 

Throughout her career, she has worked for global brands like Tom Peters Company and Red Hat Software where she held senior executive positions and was responsible for leading revenue growth pre- and post-IPO. In addition, she has founded and led a number of entrepreneurial organizations through growth milestones including venture capital funding, IPOs, innovation consultancy, and technical services company. She also founded a philanthropic performing arts organization, which created showcase opportunities for more than 200+ original artists and musicians over 7 years that captured the attention of New York dance communities and globally known musicians.

Teresa is the author of the book: All That I Am Now That I Know, 17 Life Lessons for Entrepreneurs on Winning Big, Failing Big and Dusting Off You’re A#S to Do It All Over,  available on Amazon, eBooks2Go, Barnes & Nobles, Google Play.

She is also the host of the Future Forward podcast series, which features uplifting and thoughtful conversations with Leaders, CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators about building stronger resilience in times of uncertainty. 

A little-known secret: Teresa’s passion for the arts and music can be witnessed first-hand when she performs as a singer/songwriter and guitarist as the lead singer of The Headless Chickens.

Richard Spangler

Richard Spangler

Chief Product Officer

Richard Spangler is a leading business development consultant and recognized change accelerator who creates actionable results.  An original founder of Plazabridge Group, he has an intense desire to help growth companies migrate through the maze of issues and to help the executives and entrepreneurs accelerate into success while minimizing errors.  His expertise includes product strategy and management, entrepreneurship, and mergers & acquisitions.

Richard has over 25 years of experience in large corporate branding beginning with product management, corporate development and acquisitions for Compaq Computer Corporation.  Following Compaq, Richard was the Program Director of Wireless Strategy at IBM, where he redefined the wireless application business.  He continued at IBM as the Worldwide Brand Manager overseeing the Aptiva consumer product and new licensing programs for the IBM logo.  After IBM, Richard leveraged his extensive experience in web merchandising, technology and strategic management to create 6 startups including Planet Portal Inc., Square Loop Inc., Creative Leadership Adventures, Interpretis Inc., and his current non-profit, PoleFlyers.

Richard holds a B.S. from Guilford College and an M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.  Beyond the Plazabridge doors, you can find Richard flying, golfing or playing the guitar with his band, The Headless Chickens.

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