For more than 30 years, Teresa Spangler has been a driving force behind innovation and growth. Today, she wears multiple hats as a social entrepreneur, innovation expert, growth strategist, author and speaker (not to mention mother, wife, band-leader and so much more). She is especially passionate about helping CEOs understand and value the role human capital plays in innovation, and the impact that innovation has on humanity; in our ever-increasing artificial/cyber world. Teresa shares her insights on these very topics (and more) as a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

She is the mastermind behind the GameDay Decisions Analytics Platform™, an integrated artificial intelligence and machine-learning platform as a service to “Simplify the Art and Science of Decision Making.”

Throughout her career, she has worked for global brands like Tom Peters Company and Red Hat Software where she held senior executive positions and was responsible for leading revenue growth pre and post IPO.  In addition, she has founded and led a number of entrepreneurial organizations through growth milestones including venture capital funding, IPOs, innovation consultancy, and technical services company. She also founded a philanthropic performing arts organization, which created showcase opportunities for more than 200+ original artists and musicians over 7 years that captured the attention of New York dance communities and globally known musicians.

Teresa is the Author of the book: All That I Am Now That I Know, 17 Life Lessons for Entrepreneurs on Winning Big, Failing Big and Dusting Off You’re A#S to Do It All Over  Available on Amazon, ibooks, Barnes & Nobles, Google Play

She shares insights on these topics:

She holds a B.S. from Appalachian State University and Executive Leadership & Management certifications from Duke University and Harvard University.

Teresa is an Advisory Board Member of Global Innovation Institute (GInI.org) and has held many advisory board roles for startups and organizations such as Business Innovation and Growth Council, The Council for Entrepreneurial Development and The NC World Trade Association.

Teresa’s passion for the arts and music can be witnessed first-hand when she performs as a singer/songwriter and guitarist as the lead singer of The Headless Chickens.

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