Tim-PetersAs an energetic innovator of several start-up efforts and lead executive of multi-billion dollar global businesses, Tim Peters has the proven ability to create profitable growth, scale operations and develop effective leadership talent. He possesses strong strategic and competitive drive with a purposeful, situation-relevant and data-driven approach to leading change for the better.

Tim, during his many years at Dell, led several new businesses and organizations as VP/GM to help make the company a global leader. His scope at Dell was broad and inclusive of managing the company’s single largest P&L of $21B for their core product portfolio; to a start-up business in a new product segment that exceeded all expectations growing from nil to a highly profitable >$2B in revenue in just 18 months; to establishing organizations from scratch in Asia where he lived and worked to scale new operations with great success and business segment leadership; to creating a forward-thinking organization responsible for the long-term horizon in regard to business investments, technology planning and solution development.

Tim is best described as a trusted leader of people with a winning record. He remains humble to the fact that it takes a team of positively inspired professionals to be successful. He believes a life in balance is important. Living and working out of Austin, he enjoys the abundant music scene and Texas’ healthy hill country with his family. He stays true to the quote from Mahatma Ghandi “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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