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An analytical and bioanalytical services firm in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry needed to learn how to market and sell their services to generate new opportunities and grow their business.


  • Our client’s team comprised of scientists with little experience in sales and marketing.
  • The company was at a key turning point where new customers were essential to keep the lights on.
  • There were no established methods for tracking and prospecting new opportunities.
  • There was no process for marketing, lead generation and sales

PlazaBridge Solutions:

  • Performed change management for our client by revamping and identifying key deliverables to ensure companywide profitability.
  • Provided interim executive leadership to innovate new top line growth strategies for client.
  • Partnered with our client to create core messaging around new company growth strategy.
  • Created and rolled out strategy for prospecting new customers.
  • Set up lead management system to record and measure progress against sales targets.
  • Trained and coached our client through hands on presentations to ensure accurate and real time feedback, while also securing new business opportunities.

Key Outcomes:

  • Prospective customer list grew resulting in more business and 25% increase in revenue for our client.
  • Our client learned how to effectively and efficiently market their own services.
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