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A  mobile software company with leading IT Service Management (ITSM) applications needed help re-creating themselves after a tumultuous 4 year adventure failed and the departure of senior leadership.   The remaining employees were left with the intellectual capital and a collaborative ambition to keep the company alive.  The client reached out to PlazaBridge Group to get advice and support in creating a new corporate strategy that would deliver growth and new revenue.


  • The product’s current niche market was depleted.
  • Competition in the existing landscape had intensified.
  • No senior leadership to set corporate strategy and identify new growth opportunities.

PlazaBridge Solutions:

  • Integrated into our client’s organization, identified and leveraged our client’s core competencies to create a leadership team.
  • Conducted intensive strategy sessions with our client to define long term goals and vision for the company.
  • Extensively researched and validated a new market segment for our client to penetrate.
  • Created business development strategy so our client could grow market share in new segment:
    • Defined the pipeline, built the sales forecast and implemented a contact management system
  • Coached sales talent on strategic account selling.


Key Outcomes:

  • Within a 90 day engagement, a corporate strategy was created to help our clients meet their goals.
  • Strategy execution became winning entrance for the larger business opportunities in accounts like ebay, DOD, Army, Amazon
  • The sales talent became fully equipped with the necessary tools and resources to penetrate a new and validated market segment to grow the company’s revenue.
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