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A CEO of a regulatory compliance management company in the life science industry came to PlazaBridge for advice on how to get funding from venture capitalists. However, after PlazaBridge Group immersed ourselves into the company, we found there was an opportunity for the CEO to demonstrate her value to the board by setting a corporate strategy that would generate enough revenue to keep the company operating without seeking additional funding.


  • Cash flow was low and the client believed venture capital funding was essential.
  • Board members were dissatisfied with the leadership and company performance.


PlazaBridge Solution:

  • Improved opportunities for funding in future by improving client’s credibility with board,future investors and eased the political environment.
  • Enhanced corporate strategy by broadening the scope of services to move beyond existing large enterprise segment and into small business segment with price adjusted product.
  • Defined and demonstrated new consultative selling techniques using new corporate messaging and pricing model.
  • Leveraged PlazaBridge Group’s Boardroom Advisory Services program to help the CEO find her “voice” so that she could effectively communicate with the board and gain alignment on key issues.


Key Outcomes:

  • Our client was able to generate enough short term revenue to keep the company operational without venture capital funding.
  • Client greatly improved opportunities for future funding.
  • A new market segment was identified and validated.
  • The CEO regained the trust and respect of the board members.
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