Coming Need for a Personal Force Field


Spend some time in sensor technology and you will be VERY scared. The technology is getting incredibly sophisticated and accurate at finding, identifying and acting on individuals. Highly sensitive biometric sensors can determine what you ate and where. Spectroscopic sensors can identify you by your skin pigment. Google is right now flying planes over your house that can tell what kind of shoes you are wearing. And the government is next in line to fly over your house. Technology that turns common speakers, in your phone, in your car, in your living room, into microphones can capture sounds waves from your voice and reconstruct what you say. Privacy is gone. So what is the individual response to this personal invasion? Or have we reconciled to the inevitable? Some say the later. I wonder. If the average person knew the extent of intrusion I am convinced he/she would jump at a capability to shield themselves from the onslaught. The 21st Century equivalent of clothing is the virtual personal privacy invasion shield. Certainly not an Adam and Eve story but not so far off.

How much would I pay for my privacy? For now, not much. Because I am like most others in that I have no idea exactly how much invasion is going on. If a technology showed me I was heavily targeted and the extent surprised me, I would probably pay a bunch. Of course, if it benefited me then I might change my mind.

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