Company Culture Realities


As stated in the corporate brochure:

1. Innovation is valued
2. Open communication and respect for the individual is paramount to our success
3. Our company is founded on family and community values
4. Our employees are dedicated to serving our customers
5. Great ideas from great people
6. Our culture is based on efficient utilization of capital
7. We hire and retain the best talent

Or a more honest assessment (maybe):

1. “We are bifurcated here between sales & marketing on one side of the building and engineering on the other side. We rarely interact. It’s better that way”
2. “The CEO decides everything. We just do as we are told. Yes, he is getting a divorce”
3. “You have heard of the Star Trek time portal? Everyone comes in the front door and within a very short time ends up somewhere else.”
4. “The patients have taken over the asylum and are looking forward to their release.”
5. “Shhhhh! No one talks for fear of being heard.”
6. “You’ve seen the movie Brazil? We have even more processes! Isn’t that incredible!”
7. “We are all really smart and graduated from top graduate schools. Don’t worry about customers; they don’t know what they are talking about.”

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