PlazaBridge Group, by the very nature of our offerings and skills, naturally engages with clients who are seeking innovative approaches to competing with traditional products. Whether looking for new uses for Reinforced Fiberglass Polymer (RFP) in Critical Infrastructure improvement or helping map market impacts of new composite LNG tanks on existing value chains, Plazabridge Group has worked with clients in a variety of Composite Material markets.

A client who markets fiberglass products engaged PBG to help determine the best route to position their products with mechanical designers and engineers. The PBG team researched key search terms that were of interest to the client to develop insight into market trends and intersected this information with the on-line and social media behavior of designers. Early adopters were identified, subject matter experts (SMEs) were determined and a systematic information diffusion campaign was executed. Both traditional public relations strategies and emerging internet information dissemination techniques were employed. Additional research was completed to isolate new product differentiation opportunities that incorporated both advanced science (i.e., photonics) and new production technologies.

Another company sought PBG’s help in bringing new materials for 3D Printing technology to market. Specifically, product requirements documentation were developed and used to assist internal engineering teams with product development. An analysis of current, state of the art 3D Printing technologies was conducted and a competitive matrix was created to define opportunities. Business development strategies were executed to ensure manufacturers were aware of the new developments.

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