Creating The Golden Egg: Tips on Innovating Successful New Products


New product developers and innovators are challenged with a glory bucket of opportunities today. We can connect to anything and everything! Privacy and security issues abound but plowing forward it’s all to be figured out on the path to newness.

What is clearly evident is sitting still as a traditional company with traditional products and services is simply a road leading to the downhill mud slide.  The world is only in the “victorian era” of connectedness currently but the world is rapidly advancing, speeding up, connecting and clustering into nests of interests.

So how best can you build product plans to take advantage of all the innovation and opportunities sitting on this speeding bullet train into the future?  Well here are a few to help guide your efforts:

  1. First I share a quote from  “Innovation results from the ideas we have and the ideas we encourage other people to share.” #Clusters, #crowdsharing, #feedbackloops, #community are all great ways to engage a new conversation.
  2. Organize, act and collaborate in “Clusters” vs. teams.  This simply means build a group of mutually interested parties that all benefit from the success of something new, or for the company or for a project.
  3. Those most successful companies foster aggressive (innovation and collaboratively speaking) executive management.  Innovation is a constant living breathing way of life in the company not just in the product teams.
  4. According to Forbes Insights, business model innovations have the most disruptive force.  When developing your product roadmaps and strategies consider the business model opportunities around these new innovations.  Forbes Insights

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