Disruptive Technology: Key to Unlocking Company’s Future


Charlotte, NC – On May 24 at The Mint Museum, Plazabridge Group, LLC in partnership with Business Innovation & Growth Council with invited guests Szl.it and NASCAR hosted their Disrupt or be Disrupted program, highlighting industry trends that yield high returns for companies and create chaos for competitors. The two firms brought their wealth of knowledge on trending technologies and applications while NASCAR was able to talk about usage of disruptive trends in their industry. Attendees included executives from several different trades: finance, retail, tech, and logistics. The audience was active in the program dialogue recognizing the shifts in Big Data, analytics, Cloud, and IoT technologies and learning how to create leverage using those tools.

Plazabridge Group CEO, Teresa Spangler, attributed highlighting rapid changes in technology and business models, examples of how torchbearer companies manage data, and tools for instant application encouraged audience members to reevaluate their current business models and disrupt their standard practice. As decision makers for their respective companies, these execs rated staying abreast of what is happening in the tech sphere as a tactical advantage to securing competitive space in their market. Those who aspired to increase their market share identified the use of data and tech as their highest priority to ensuring growth.

The program not only provided insight on new themes in tech and information, but also stressed the importance of proper utilization of workforce personnel and how employee engagement drives user experience. One attendee commented on the significance of the event, “This session opened my eyes to a very different view I must take for my business not to just grow but to survive.” These tools would equip any organization with the ability to transform their business model and disrupt the competition.

Unable to make and event but still want to gain the tools associated with the Disrupt or be Disrupted program?

Here is a list of upcoming Plazabridge Group events:

  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence webinar
    • Date: Thursday, June 23, 2016
    • Time: 12 – 1pm  
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  • Plazabridge Group’s GameDay Decisions Intelligent Organization Effectiveness System webinar
    • Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2016 
    • Time: 12 – 1pm
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