Externalizing Applications via Cloud Computing


Re-Thinking Revenue Sources: Externalizing Applications via Cloud Computing

Richard Spangler, General Partner, PlazaBridge Group

These times call for expanded thinking and creative approaches to growing companies.  The traditional approaches to finding new revenue sources are not yielding the kinds of returns seen in the previous generation of business models. Innovative companies are taking advantage of the seismic shift in technology occurring with the rise of Cloud Computing and Software as a Service application delivery models. What was once a sunk IT cost may, under certain circumstances, become a new source of revenue and a new phase in company strategies.  But what are the key indicators that propel this opportunity and what actions must be taken to capture revenue?

Cloud computing refers, in various forms, to the collection of technologies that make up the internet and the plethora of service providers that will host and manage an enterprise’s applications and databases. The economics of placing computing resources in large provider installations can cut hardware costs in half. With the increase in installation, system management and communication services, the placement of an application in the cloud, and making it available to anyone with access to the internet, has become easier and more reliable.  The projections speak for themselves.

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