What is PlazaBridge Group?

PlazaBridge Group is a team of world class business professionals and analysts delivering next generation growth strategies and execution services for companies seeking to gain competitive advantage and full value appreciation.

What makes PlazaBridge Group different?

PlazaBridge Group offers practical services and programs that place our experienced partners side by side with our client’s senior team, working to grow revenue and increase market awareness. We implement our proven programs day in and day out while ensuring the benefits of our work last in the organization.  There is no throwing of tasks over the wall to the client. We leverage our experience and assist the senior team each and every day we are engaged. This process yields early results, company-wide influence and sustainable impact.

What kinds of services does PlazaBridge Group offer?

PlazaBridge Group focuses on operations, sales, marketing and executive level strategy services. We ask the right questions early in our engagement and develop an action plan of programs and services that lead to breaking down the barriers to success.  We can also deliver tactical services for website applications, email campaigns, internet search engine support and a host of sales and marketing capabilities to reach planned achievement milestones. These services compliment our unique strategy programs.

What programs does PlazaBridge Group offer?

Our unique offerings (REAP™, SmartLaunch™, etc.) are process oriented programs for small and large companies seeking top line growth. They also enable emerging companies to break commonly encountered growth barriers. The programs have proven their effectiveness over countless customer engagements. These programs combined with our technologies drive client success.

How does PlazaBridge Group begin an engagement?

PlazaBridge Group spends considerable time and effort ensuring a match between our values & core capabilities and the client’s needs. Each engagement is mapped with a time schedule and deliverables.  The first actions are intense; a kickoff meeting produces a rapid assessment of the priorities. Early interaction with stake holders produces early action.

Who comprises PlazaBridge Group?

PlazaBridge Group is made up of senior business practitioners with extensive experience, widely dispersed networks of contacts and substantial (11 companies between them) start-up success. Our focus has been and continues to be on developing fast paced ground level activity as a precursor to success.

What kinds of companies can benefit from PlazaBridge Group services?

PlazaBridge Group works with a variety of clients in varying stages of development. We seek companies on the cusp of moving from product or service development to market and sales operations. We work with large companies seeking to reignite their dormant or underutilized Intellectual Property and want to commercialize intellectual assets without the usual risk of creating a separate company. PlazaBridge Group also works with the senior managers of emerging companies who require experienced coaching in decision making and communication effectiveness.

How does PlazaBridge Group charge for their services?

PlazaBridge Group can propose a fee per program implementation, contract hours with specific deliverables or a monthly retainer. Our approach is one of sustaining partnership. If the engagement is heavily sales focused our approach is to share in commissions. PlazaBridge Group is not afraid to put our experience where our mouth is: we do accept engagements that include a milestone payment option.

What kinds of clients has PlazaBridge Group serviced in the past?

PlazaBridge Group has worked with both large and small companies in Pharmaceutical Services, Technology, Education, Government, Consumer Products, Professional Services and Healthcare.  We have also helped small entrepreneurial companies grow to sustainability. Our services in strategy have been and continue to be leveraged by Fortune 100 companies seeking additional creative input into product and business model evolution.

Does PlazaBridge Group invest capital directly in companies?

Maybe. PlazaBridge Group partners do engage in entreprenueral activities that require direct investment.

What is PlazaBridge Group's social responsibility agenda?

PlazaBridge Group partners each have significant responsibilities in non-profit and community service, often with 501c(3) organizations founded by PlazaBridge Group partners. In addition, the PlazaBridge Group firm contributes to local educational initiatives and supports newly formed enterprises with guidance and mentoring.  Our strategic direction is to facilitate the community with the creation of new enterprises.

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