We are creators. We are developers. We are deliverers.

PlazaBridge Group team members are executors of business processes. We perform the work. We deliver the results. We deliver on best practices in processes to streamline sales funnel development to executing on a highly coordinated marketing campaign for each portfolio product.

Our associates can bring new applications to solve your needs of improving internal processes, adding new analytical information to your decision making processes and deliver the right content to catapult your company into thought leadership status.


Content is king as they say these days. Marketing is publishing. Social media is all about engaging with customers on their level, in their interests and with their voice. Knowing the difference between a white paper, a positioning paper, and a Blog entry is critical to gaining market awareness via new media tools. Having a strategic plan on the roll out of content ensures an aggregation of impact to the audience. PlazaBridge Group understands how to produce insightful media products, at the right time, with the most appropriate voice and with the goal of driving new customers through direct engagement with outstanding content. For example, our teams have produced.

  • Whitepapers on technical subjects that drive upwards of 46% download rates
  • Positioning papers that get picked up by major media outlets like AMEX OPEN Forum, Yahoo, AOL, Bloomberg’s, among others on a consistent basis
  • Checklists that educate managers on the key action items to tick off when planning business decisions or implementing organizational transformations
  • Research Reports on market interests that bring insight into the need for products, services or changes in buyer behavior
  • Blogs that provide a unique perspective or original idea on key topics appropriate to a client’s market and which helps drive general awareness of the company’s stance on key social issues
  • eBooks that bring rich multimedia content to an audience that yearns for more than typical words and charts and need integrated video and graphics

Content for the sake of content is not good marketing. Content must always drive quantifiable benefits. We back this philosophy up with a maniacal focus on analytics and generating leads that yield sales revenue. PlazaBridge Group with our integrated approach to fielding Innovation Growth teams understands how to build metrics behind content creation, and deliver this to the market in a planned approach that yields the greatest benefit.


Having the expertise to know which analytical techniques are best for a given problem is not enough to help today’s modern business. Understanding how to get at information that generates the data necessary to yield insight is a key to successful business intelligence. Our teams deploy to clients seeking innovative ways to generate data. From customer inputs to operational data acquisition challenges to mining the Big Data stores of IT departments, we understand how to format the business need and develop the automation to answer it.

Our teams have deployed SAS, SPSS and R programs to help clients gain insight into their businesses. We understand how to combine multiple algorithms into forests of analytics to shave ever-finer insight into the data. PlazaBridge Group delivers to clients a greater understanding of their business by approaching market Trend Analysis from the customer’s perspective. The client knows their business best, but it often takes an outside perspective to shape business intelligence metrics into something that brings the customer’s perspective into sharper light.

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