The quantification of results in traditionally creative business functions (e.g., Marketing) has born a need to bring technical development to new areas of the business. Websites are no longer “brochures,” but often applications that drive actions of visitors and incremental prospects to the pipeline funnel.  PlazaBridge Group has the right skill sets to add technical application development to your business functions. Whether you are simply trying to track online activity with new methods or integrate marketing automation applications into your existing revenue accounting functions, we have integrated dozens of new environments and can successfully navigate the hidden obstacles to success.

We also reach beyond the internal IT development necessary to support sales and marketing to add technical services to new product development.

Innovation in today’s business environment inevitably requires technical advancement of product production methods, internal product intelligence and creation of support strategies that streamline processes. Engineering services are required for software development, cloud application migration, and hardware electronics advancement within the fundamentals of more traditional products. By leveraging Agile development methodology, we produce rapid results that, when managed properly, lead to early revenue success in the marketplace. Our team includes software engineers, electronics experts and program managers adept at keeping projects on track and under budget. The net results are faster innovations and faster return on investments.

PlazaBridge Group has demonstrated critical development capabilities including:

  • Backend database integration from a website launch with complicated table look-up in support of online service purchasing
  • Complete cloud migration of mobile applications with critical service and support applications to manage mobile field units
  • Development of an SEO optimized HR career application to grow total number of applicants in a severely constrained skill category
  • Electronic health monitoring capability for industrial products with the capability to remotely interrogate each unit while aggregating meta data for trend analysis of usage, EOL and operating conditions



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