Grow Your Revenue

Most business leaders struggle to consistently grow their revenue. At Plazabridge, our revenue growth framework helps companies lay the foundation for sustainable profits and long-term viability.

Flexible Services to Meet Your Unique Needs

Plazabridge Group delivers a variety of services with the express purpose of growing revenue. This is our history. This is our passion. 

Every company is different. Every business culture is unique. The services we offer recognize this variety and are flexible in delivery. These are not just programmatic, out-of-the-box processes. They are delivered with sensitivity to the company’s goals and methods for doing business. Most importantly, however, is that they deliver results and insight.


How can we help you?

Digital Transformation

Transform your business. Create a digital infrastructure and supporting framework that accelerate growth.

Founder & CEO Advisory

Gain insights from a partner who's been there. Have another set of eyes and ears to uncover opportunities and identify organizational gaps. Get support on special projects.

Global Expansion

Drive revenue and company presence through international expansion.

New Market Development

Quickly navigate the value chain to acheive maximum benefit.

Partnership Development

Build an ecosystem of partners for differentiation and competitive barriers.

Product Innovation & Development

Enhance your go-to-market strategy through data and a systematic approach. Catapult your idea to profit using customer insight.

Technical Competency Examples

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Application Development

Marketing & Sales

Case Studies

Reengineering Company Business and Revenue Models

Case Studies

Pharmacy Automation Pioneer Sees Numerous Rounds of Funding

Case Studies

Smarter Sales Strategies at Pharmacovigilance Service Company

Case Studies

Validation and Certification Strategy for Company Receiving SBIR

Case Studies

Bringing a New Line of Specialty Candle Products to Consumers

Case Studies

Marketing Automation for a Cybersecurity Firm

Case Studies

New Revenue Opportunities for an LNG Company

Case Studies

Expanded Internet Presence for Engineering Firm

Case Studies

Developing Product Strategy for Homeland Security Company

Case Studies

Bringing 3D Printing Technology to Market

Case Studies

Commercialization of RFID Inventory and Logics Tracking Products for a Startup

Case Studies

Company Celebrates Incremental Revenue Growth of Over $30 Million​

Case Studies

Chemical Development Company Builds a Sales Team of Innovators

Case Studies

Analytics Firm Increases Revenue by 25% through Marketing and Sales Strategy​

Case Studies

The Kitchen & Bath Channel Acquires 45,000+ Subscribers