Partnership Development

Establish your unique ecosystem of partners to add differentiation and create competitive barriers. Avoid the pitfalls and navigate the complexities associated with developing partnerships.

Protect Your New Product Offerings through Partnerships​

Bring new barriers to your business that protect margins, protect market positions and protect the flexibility you have to create new product offerings.

Although a good partnership is often necessary to complete a viable value proposition it also contains pitfalls and risks. Seeking out experienced Plazabridge Group associates can help bring insight into those risks and raise the probabilities of successfully leveraging your network of partners. Focusing on each partner’s true value within a combined offering also requires the experience to uncover the customer’s perceptions of relative contribution. Let us show you innovative ways this can be done.


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Product Strategy

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Relationship Development

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Partnership Compass

Case Studies

Pharmacy Automation Pioneer Sees Numerous Rounds of Funding

Case Studies

Validation and Certification Strategy for Company Receiving SBIR

Case Studies

Centice Corporation Achieves 3x Increase in Sales