How Blogging Boot-Straps Creativity


I am sitting on a plane blogging about sitting on a plane. This simple act has started a chain reaction of creativity that is bringing new ideas for clients, for new businesses and for new market opportunities. It occurs to me that if this happens to me then it must happen to others. If employees blogged more for their companies and discovered new ideas via the blogging process, the aggregate value to business would be staggering. Blogging is more than simple content development. It is a focused reflection on your business that will yield derivative ideas that affect non-virtual aspects to the business. Creativity is a non-linear process. You might sit down and write about the new accounting rules and end up thinking of new software features in your companies SAP application.

We are constantly encouraging our clients to blog for SEO affect. But the real payoff may come in new idea creation. And don’t just create blogs. Read fellow employee’s blogs. You might learn something and trigger your company’s next great product.

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