The deterioration of America’s infrastructure is well known. Over 68% of bridges are in need of immediate repair. Liquid Natural Gas pipelines are expanding as older pipelines are failing. U.S. ports are increasingly requiring upgrades to compete on a world scale. Construction companies, engineering firms and supplies of equipment are the first to see the opportunities. PlazaBridge Group brought one engineering firm into the 21st Century with added internet presence. From an optimized website to a new strategy for generating awareness, PBG associates worked alongside internal groups to update the company’s marketing message and bring new value messages to the forefront of their marketing efforts.

For one company looking to market new products into the LNG space, PBG personnel conducted a market analysis on growth prospects for LNG infrastructure and how new materials might be used in plant construction, marine transportation design and pipeline repair. This analysis led to new product offerings and the repositioning of existing products that could be applied to this explosive market. The net result was new revenue opportunities and expanded markets.

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