PBG was asked to bring a strategy view to product strategy for one company delivering solutions and services to first responders and Homeland Security agencies. The effort involved looking at new communications technologies and how they could influence the changes in how both public and private incident commanders might direct field actions. The growth of BYOD and the significant economies of scale advantages in SAT hardware were opening new market categories that were ready for expansion. Mobility was becoming the norm. Lower cost alternatives for more expensive satellite antennas were reducing footprint and weight. Developing new solution packaging could bring newer markets into the company’s strategy.

Plazabridge Group associates started with an investigation into the value drivers for new communication solutions. The group analyzed the regulations driving actions, the methods for procurement of new solutions in both the public sector and private sector and conducted direct research on changing priorities of incident commanders. This culminated in a new company approach in how they brought new products to market. A coordinated approach brought clearer value messages, integrated with an SEO effort and broader market outreach program.

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