The PlazaBridge Group work teams have supported new product development, product launch, and distribution expansion for known scientific instrument companies delivering spectrometers and advanced camera systems. Our team crafted product plans, product requirement documents and product promotional strategies for Raman Spectrometers targeted at the academic and commercial markets. PlazaBridge Group helped pioneer new spectrometer applications and helped define chemometric methods and targets in support of the marketing plan.

We investigated other devices like hyperspectral cameras, Raman based quality control systems for manufacturing and substance interrogation, and IR spectrometers for commercialization. From there, we developed Marketing plans and performed competitive intelligence to support company Board-level decision-making. PlazaBridge Group teams supported SBIR and other grant proposals, as well as leaded the coordination of partners in major RFP responses. We also led the creation and strategic positioning in support of securing Venture Capital investment.

New applications for advanced sensing technologies, include spectrometer sensing and spectral imaging, are increasing found in security and safety monitoring. PlazaBridge Group supported clients in gaining awareness in Homeland Security and public safety markets for new advanced sensor designs. Knowledge of laser imaging systems and target signatures became a mainstay for our associates. Now, we apply this knowledge to other scientific instrument companies seeking new applications for their innovations in photonics, optical communication design, advanced hyperspectral sensors and motion sensors.

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