PlazaBridge Group engagements often lead to the development of new applications for clients. From Cloud Computing based service applications to database intensive look-up applications, our development staff understands the new cloud development environments.

Our team has built .NET applications for managing field-deployed hardware in real time. A dashboard analytical user interface delivered added visibility to how customers used the product. The user was automatically notified when upgrades were required to ensure consistent performance. Each unit referenced a central database for determining operational results from the use of the product. Each element required an expertly designed architecture and framework.

Our teams are often asked to take the rudimentary work of building websites for marketing and transforming them into intelligence gathering applications that provide added benefit to management. By integrating traditional CRM and Marketing Management Systems into seamless applications for a variety of internal audiences, we develop unique reports and analytical tools. We develop dashboard interfaces for senior management and we build these applications in a variety of environments with multiple industry leading tools.

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