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Mission: To simplify the design, integration and delivery of new products in markets that resolve our clients' significant challenges.


A service offering of BIG DATA predictive analytics to support fund-seeking companies, universities and individuals, to drive optimized probabilities of successful grant acquisition. By accessing and analyzing a variety of databases, some in the open domain and some from licensed access, FundPoint’s analytical results provide the most accurate depiction of success variables to ensure improved probabilities of receiving fund awards. FundPoint™ operates on a global basis. Researchers can expect a 30% increase in success probabilities.

 Jointly developed with the ARL, FlexCon™ is a flexible and adaptable bone conducting communication system designed to maximize comfort, effectiveness and reliability for today’s warfighter. The unique design combines technically advanced bone conduction technology with unique design attributes not found by any other COTS product. The warfighter receives more reliable communications in the most challenging circumstances while maintaining critical comfort levels. The consumer market strategy includes plans for a low-cost version for runners to listen to music while maintaining awareness of cars and surroundings.

Leveraging an existing personal branding technology platform, ForceXX™ establishes a “Linked In” capability for ex-soldiers and military service personnel to take control of their worldwide skills persona. Separate from government sponsored programs like, ForceXX™ provides a richer opportunity to describe personal

Consumer Products

A quantitatively based artificial intelligence engine that matches a musician’s skills, playing style and performance levels with other musicians of equal profile. What and eHarmony are for dating (matching based on quantitative data and a proven algorithm), JamConnect™ is for musicians seeking other musicians to create playing partners, from duos to full orchestras. The underlying technology is a proprietary algorithm that combines audio analysis with select key attribute variables in a unique combination to ensure matching success. As a virtual tool for musicians worldwide, JamConnect™ is ideally situated to dominate the market for virtual bands of the future.

Sensor-enabled smart clothing for women seeking additional protection from unwanted attacks and advancements. The clothing leverages fiber optic threads with Fiber Bragg Grating sensors tied to RF local communication to an iPhone app. The wearer is assured of dramatic changes in pressures on her clothing will be communicated to contacts of her choice.

Combining IoT technologies with Web-based business models, Hynet™ delivers on time, on-demand travel toiletries for the elite world traveler. Using sensor technologies within a reader equipped toiletry kit, the Hynet™ service automatically detects used items by their absence. This information is immediately communicated to the Hynet™ service backend and a replacement item is shipped. The accumulation of data over time creates the opportunity to predict usage patterns and replenish items more proactively.

Critical Infrastructure

A Virtual Reality (VR) platform designed to improve business continuity & resiliency challenges by combining 3D interactive environments with AI-based, Non-Player Characters (NPCs). The platform delivers faster response to events, safer reaction alternatives, better team coordination and operating cost savings often in the millions of dollars

A Linux SCADA platform with robust security features not found in other adaptations. Based on patented technology and an industry-specific business rules engine from Critical Infrastructure markets, this analytical tool reduces corporate risk, enables faster resiliency responses, warns of possible SCADA cyberattacks, and brings new decision-making strength to executives responsible for operations.

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