Metamorphosis 2018: Time to give a SH&T! But maybe not a F*ck?


There is just no stopping it! Disruption is happening in every industry at unimaginable speeds. This is a universal metamorphosis of how we live, eat, work, play, shop and care for ourselves. And it’s not all in our line of sight. The exponential shifts are happening in the underbelly of our devices, our monitors, cars, refrigerators, doctor’s offices, hospitals, … name it! Everything is evolving rapidly. Are you ready?

“Courage is contagious. Every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little better and the world a little braver.” Brené Brown, Author of Braving the Wilderness

From stoic mall shopping to magical experiential shopper events to our Fitbits and Apple watches communicating to our family physician’s office telling us we need to Doctor’s care immediately. Possible cures for diseases like diabetes are becoming a real possibility. Drones are tackling Zika Virus. Robots are caring for the elderly! Everything is changing. So, ask yourself? Are you changing?

The world may be moving to autonomous everything but you are still the pilot of your life’s journey. I love technology and have worked in the technology industry for years. Reinventing my business has been a must nearly every year. I find there are two paths; the path that forces you to change or evolve (most of the time when it’s too late to shift quickly because the changes snuck up on you) or the path where you choose to deep dive into yourself and make the changes you want in your life and in your career.

What are you doing to re-invent yourself? What are you doing to keep pace with the trends and technology shifts? Are you spending (wasting) time with people that are not supporting you? Maybe it’s time to follow act on Sarah Knight’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck?

After you read Sarah’s book I believe we all need to manifest our #GiveaSh&T! The world is not waiting for us so why should we wait for anything?


Below are 5 actions to take today to start your 2018 Metamorphous and turn your attention #GivingASh&t after You stop Not Giving a F*ck!

  1. Read both books to see how people are thinking and what is motivating others. Maybe these will also motivate you!
  1. Get involved in a technology project that impacts humanity positively. Volunteer for a project or participate in an innovation challenge somewhere. Get a small collaboration team together and join a competitive innovation challenge (click to see Top 10 Innovation Challenge Sites). These help you stay current on technology.
  2. Take an adventure and work on your soft skills. Soft skills like empathy, listening, written and verbal communications, positive attitude, creativity, critical deep thinking, emotional intelligence, natural people connectors, being a team player are noted by the World Economic Forum to critical traits organization’s talent pool need over the coming years. Dive deep into your self-awareness and focus on improving areas where you are weak!
  3. Explore the far-reaching corners outside your comfort zone.
  • Travel on a safari even it’s only at your local zoo,
  • Unplug tech gadgets for “No-Tech Sundays,”
  • Not a techie? Download an app or learn a new computer program that has you daunted.
  • Sign up for a new Certification course (or just audit classes for free) on; try the data science program offered by Johns Hopkins University or artificial intelligence course.
  • Not a techie? Download an app or learn a new computer program that has you daunted.
  • Find a new group of people to hang out with; creative types, successful entrepreneurs or writers, and musicians.
  • Or join me this summer for one of two small group retreats: Leaders Innovating for Good summit retreat in 5 days in Tuscany (hint, we will work on our creativity while exploring the countryside and innovation) or a journey to be announced.
  1. Become a mentor or seek a mentor. Do both, you will be inspired either way!

Change is not easy for most people. Don’t consider this change but an evolution toward reaching your higher better self. It’s continual and it’s necessary for people that will need to co-exist with autonomously run corporations, cars, homes, retail stores….! Humans will need to engage with humans and robots. Start now mapping your journey to the new-new world.

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