Our clients seek PlazaBridge Group to act as a catalyst to internal resources in planning and executing new revenue opportunities.  We have been asked to investigate new markets where little quantitative information is available. We have been asked to test market new product concepts in select target markets business analysts. We have been asked to recruit and manage a newly formed distribution channel. In all of these areas, PlazaBridge Group has the breadth of experience and knowledge to quickly navigate the value chain to deliver maximum benefit to our clients, to chain participants and to the end customer.

The complete cycle of researching the ROI on a new opportunity to successfully securing the first customers is intricate and complicated. Our expertise in new model lead generation tools significantly impacts the total time to market and profitability. Our experience, combined with these specialized tools, enables us to deliver the right content and value proposition messaging to ensure thought leadership recognition for our clients. Employing proven Diffusion of Innovation research as a guide, the client receives a systematic process with clearly defined milestones. Leveraging the power of Innovation Growth Teams allows us to execute on the myriad of tasks necessary to achieve market interest and customer acquisition.

Whether requiring a complete team to manage new market development efforts or supplementing your existing team with added expertise, PlazaBridge Group associates have depth in a variety of disciplines critical to success. Our past clients have used our services to:

  • Plan, execute and manage an international distribution effort for emerging markets around an innovative scientific instrument
  • Conduct research on internet interest trends for critical infrastructure improvement issues
  • Survey and engage with key thought leaders and bloggers in public security markets
  • Develop thought leadership content and secure widespread publishing in traditional and internet outlets
  • Develop and manage the market requirements process and work with internal engineering teams to develop value added features
  • Create a quantitative model exposing market buying behavior for a weather dependent consumer product
  • Create a real-time client dashboard of sales and marketing activity to support senior management decision making after market introduction


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