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60-Day Future-Forward Readiness Program
Drive your long-term success to prepare for your next era of growth with approaches geared towards CEOs, Chief Revenue Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Product Officers, and Marketing Executives.
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Program Overview:

Plazabridge Group will customize your company’s Future-Forward Readiness Innovation Coaching program. This program is designed to help you explore your level of future readiness as well as gaining leadership in your innovation practices. Our new readiness assessment tool builds on the methodology developed provides immediate insights into your company’s ability to gain lasting competitive bench strength.

The results are aimed to help you identify your company’s strengths and potential gaps in terms of future readiness, a 360 EQi Assessment will provide insights into your teams ability to align, move, make decisions your leadership can trust.

60 Day program includes:

  • Coaching – which includes our EQi (Emotional Intelligence team for innovation) assessment
  • Future-Forward Readiness Assessment with key insights and recommendations
  • Framework assessment and redesign (should there need to be one)
  • IP Protection (patented platform – 2 year subscription included in the program fee)
  • Actions – We will put ideas into action supporting execution through the innovation stages
Benefits & Knowledge Gained:
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