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Are you a C-level executive with an interest in modern leadership, transformation, and acceleration of growth? Don’t miss the highlights from the latest edition of CEO Forum where more than 300 CEOs participated in our last event to explore the role of the modern leader.
January 31, 2023
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM ET
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Teresa Spangler
Teresa Spangler
CEO & Founder, Plazabridge Group
Get ready to learn top strategies for knowing when to pivot. Learn how to turn crippling fears into future growth opportunities and evaluate product strategies to ensure relevance for the future.
Discover a methodical approach to determining current state of the business - company, people, and products. Uncover short-term and long-term strategies to drive your transformation.
Topics Included:
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Teresa Spangler
Teresa Spangler
CEO, Plazabridge Group | Speaker | Investor
For more than 30 years, Teresa Spangler has been a driving force behind innovation and growth. Today, she wears multiple hats as a social entrepreneur, innovation expert, growth strategist, author and speaker (not to mention mother, wife, band-leader and so much more). She is especially passionate about helping CEOs understand and value the role human capital plays in innovation, and the impact that innovation has on humanity; in our ever-increasing artificial/cyber world. Teresa shares her insights on these very topics (and more) as a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

She is the mastermind behind the GameDay Decisions Analytics Platform™, an integrated artificial intelligence and machine-learning platform as a service to “Simplify the Art and Science of Decision Making.” Teresa is an Advisory Board Member of Global Innovation Institute ( and has held many advisory board roles for startups and organizations such as Business Innovation and Growth Council, The Council for Entrepreneurial Development and The NC World Trade Association.

Teresa is the author of the book All That I Am Now That I Know: 17 Life Lessons for Entrepreneurs on Winning Big, Failing Big and Dusting Off You’re A#S to Do It All Over. Available on Amazon, ibooks, Barnes & Nobles, Google Play

She shares insights on these topics:
Plazabridge Group’s Musings
Ulf Arnetz
Ulf Arnetz
Founder & Chairman, Howwe
Serial Entrepreneur, founded several companies, grew them to multi million enterprises in different countries and regions. Done four strategic exits to NASDAQ-listed companies in USA and sold my latest company to NASDAQ-listed OpenText 2004. Board of Direction assignments: Chairman or board member in DICE (NASDAQ and nowadays US NASDAQ EA), Springlife AB, Cambridge Technology Group (CTP – NASDAQ), Panopticon AB, IOS Group AB, MSAB and Ciceron Group (Advisory Board) Author of three books, Entrepreneur of the year in Sweden 1994 and one of few Swedes to get the international global Fast-500 prize 2002. Written over 20 published articles.

Today, Founder and Chairman of Howwe Technologies and Founder for Reforce New Ventures (RFNV). Howwe Technologies enterprise acceleration software, Howwe®, is one of the leaders within new Technology. According to Gartner, acceleration technology is supposed to grow rapidly in the next coming five years. Howwe is changing the way companies accelerate revenue and profit. According to Gartner, the acceleration technology is supposed to grow rapidly the next coming five years. Changing the way companies accelerate revenue and profit. Reforce New Ventures (RFNV) The goal is to provide a new business model for start-ups, where Reforce and ReExecute help founders to enjoy both technical advances and business success. In all start-ups, the focus is on developing and marketing business disruption technology (apps) in order to win market share from enterprises.
Johan Grönstedt
Johan Grönstedt
Chief Strategy Officer, Howwe
Johan Grönstedt is a driven optimist who cares deeply about fueling the aspirations of others with the cutting edge insights to make them possible! With a vision to change the way businesses think, feel and execute strategy, Johan and his team work to unify the latest and greatest scientific evidence from the fields of economy, psychology & management with the best practices of real-life leaders around the world. The aim is to fundamentally transform the user experience of strategy execution to accelerate growth, for individuals as much as for organizations.

Lovingly known as Dr. Grön, Johan is not a doctor in any traditional sense. Rather, as a doctor acknowledges a sickness and guides the patient through evidence-based discussions around the pros and cons of treatment options, he takes pride in offering the same to business leaders. Everyone can have an opinion, Dr. Grön strives for finding and spreading truths.

Johan is the Chief Strategy Officer for Howwe, bridging the gap between Business and Tech, pioneering the first wave of technical solutions to unsolved business challenges. He has guided hundreds of teams through the practices of Acceleration and is today a popular Key Note Speaker around the world.
Eli Sheets, CEO Ideablock
Eli Sheets
CEO, Ideablock
Eli is a seasoned patent attorney and developer with over a decade of experience in the intellectual property world. Before founding Ideablock, Eli practiced IP law at some of the country’s leading law firms, helping clients large and small to secure their intangible assets. He has written, filed, and prosecuted more than 500 patent applications. Before practicing IP law, Eli studied electrical and computer engineering at MIT and UW-Madison and began his professional career as a patent examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In law school, Eli served as the editor-in-chief for one of the world’s preeminent IP law publications and clerked for federal judges at the trial court and appeals court levels. Eli lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife and their four young boys.
Anthony Mills
Anthony Mills
CEO, GInI (Global Innovation Institute)
Anthony Mills is having an impact in organizations all over the world.

Anthony travels all over the world working with organizations of nearly every shape and size, in both the private and public sectors, helping them to transform themselves into forward-looking, innovative, purposeful – and human – workplaces – the kinds who use innovation to give meaning to their ongoing quest for leadership. In doing this, Anthony has helped countless organizations truly own and shape their futures. Anthony’s areas of expertise include innovation-driven growth strategies, strategic futuring, emerging markets and technologies, organizational transformation, corporate innovation, ecosystem innovation, new opportunity identification, design thinking, innovation spaces, and innovation teams – as well as business, brand, product, service, and experience design.
Richard Spangler
Richard Spangler
Chief Product Officer & Founder, Plazabridge Group | Innovation & Venturing
Richard Spangler is a leading business development consultant and recognized change accelerator who creates actionable results. An original founder of Plazabridge Group, he has an intense desire to help growth companies migrate through the maze of issues and to help the executive/entrepreneur accelerate into success while minimizing errors. His expertise includes product strategy and management, entrepreneurship, mergers & acquisitions.

Richard has over 25 years of experience in large corporate branding beginning with product management, corporate development and acquisitions for Compaq Computer Corporation. Following Compaq, Richard was the Program Director of Wireless Strategy at IBM, where he redefined the wireless application business. He continued at IBM as the Worldwide Brand Manager overseeing the Aptiva consumer product and new licensing programs for the IBM logo. After IBM, Richard leveraged his extensive experience in web merchandising, technology and strategic management to create 6 startups including Planet Portal Inc., Square Loop Inc., Creative Leadership Adventures, Interpretis Inc. and his current non-profit, PoleFlyers.

Richard holds a B.S. from Guilford College and an M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Beyond the Plazabridge doors, you can find Richard flying, golfing or playing the guitar with his band, The Headless Chickens.
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