PBG joins speaker line up for Digital East: The Slow Death of the “Google Gamer”

The Slow Death of the “Google Gamer” & 5 Stead Fast Strategies to Improve Your Search Rankings

Teresa Spangler is Founder & CEO of Plazabridge Group, LLC, a boutique revenue growth consulting firm and PBG Interactive, an interactive agency focused on development of mobile strategies, website development, online branding and interactive strategies. With over 25+ years experience as global business consultant, much of her time is spent helping companies navigate the daunting changes and  disruptions in the world of search rankings and marketing. For over 10 years, Teresa has worked with some of the greats in the SEO world only to see them move out of SEO onto other more stable grounds.  WHY do they weave in and out of the SEO world?

And just when our clients thought they understood SEO having found vendors they felt they could trust to help them optimize their sites and improve their rankings things change.  These changes have caused disruptions to small and large companies alike.  Smaller companies are spending precious money they have too little of and larger companies are spending time they have to little of!

To quote large company SEO Consultant … I call them “Google Gamers” ( those collaborators that work into the wee hours of the night trying to outfox, outpace and outperform their competition for better search rankings and in some ways gaming the Google system) “I quit”.   

Google’s 2012 changes have affected many businesses and have disrupted SEO efforts in many cases companies do not even know are being disrupted. Some companies we work with are actually seeing declines in their rankings even though they are paying $500+/month to over $1000/month to maintain or improve their SEO efforts.  And if you are a larger brand focused on building stronger global presence… what are the best strategies today for in region SEO.

SEO is a living breathing thing as we already know.  In this presentation we’ll cover examples of challenges that client companies have faced and 5 strategies to help you improve your own rankings without losing site of Google’s constant shifts and changes.

Key Take-aways from this session:
  • Natural methods of raising your rankings that you can implement yourself today
  • How to make the best partner/vendor choice to lead and manage your SEO efforts
  • Key strategies for keeping up and managing Google’s ongoing changes

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