PlazaBridge Group has experience in many aspects of the pharmaceutical industry from drug discovery efforts to pharmacovigilance services and trial signaling software to distribution of final approved product. Each engagement has focused on revenue attainment and market expansion.

A leading pharmacovigilance service company sought our help to build smarter sales strategies. The team reinforced the company’s brand messaging strategy through direct customer and prospect surveying and used this insight to build campaign content. Installation of and the building of management reporting preceded a comprehensive training program for outbound sales. Sales velocity increased, and the company then asked PlazaBridge Group to develop new services strategy to supplement their current portfolio of adverse event (AE) tracking/reporting and medical evaluation consulting. The PlazaBridge Group engagement supported the company’s valuation and the company was acquired.

A pioneer in pharmacy automation asked PlazaBridge Group to assist with developing a quantifiable value proposition to support business development efforts with major pharmacy chains. The project involved market research to gather pharmacy operations statistics and consumer behavior. The company used the intelligence to secure partnerships in the pharmacy automation market. Additional projects targeted the development of new products and new markets including go-to-market launch strategies and execution. The company secured numerous rounds of funding on the way to greater sales milestones, based on the efforts of PlazaBridge Group.

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