Plazabridge Group CEO, Teresa Spangler, Selected to Exclusive IdeaConnection Project Teams


Ms. Spangler selected as one of five international experts charged with creating new consumer product and big data monetization innovations.

Plazabridge Group, LLC, a services, and technology firm specialized in technology development, innovation commercialization and revenue growth services, announced today the selection of the firm’s CEO, Teresa Spangler to participate in the IdeaConnection project inventions leveraging converging technologies such as; Sensors, IoT and Blockchain. As one of five international experts, Ms. Spangler is charged with creating innovative solutions to help major international brands revolutionize for consumer products and data monetization. The sponsoring brands sought individuals capable of applying creative thought to disruptive technologies and emerging business models.

“I am thrilled to apply my experience to this challenge. I welcome the opportunity to expand state of the art thinking in leveraging IoT, big data, and sensor technology for various industries,” says Teresa Spangler, CEO of Plazabridge Group. “I hope to share unique perspectives to this select international group.”

“Teresa is an ideal participant to this challenge. We at IdeaConnection saw her depth of knowledge and versatility of experience as critical to delivering unique solutions to our clients”, said IdeaConnection CEO Scott Wurtele. “We scour the world for the best talent for our client’s projects and Teresa certainly meets our high standards.”

About Plazabridge Group
Plazabridge Group is a specialized service firm dedicated to innovation commercialization and revenue growth consulting. We deploy multi-disciplinary innovation teams of experts in sales, marketing, engineering and international trade. We set ourselves apart from the sea of consultants by producing results consistently across our clients and have done so for over 6 years. Plazabridge Group delivers insight from analytics, sales from creative value propositions and shareholder wealth from calculated competitive strategies. Our engineering teams are experts in building integrated systems that lead to revenue growth. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, we serve clients throughout the East Coast and in select international markets. Find more about us at

About IdeaConnection 
Our passion is to give our clients access to brilliant, timely, affordable solutions that enhance their ability to deliver amazing improvements for mankind. IdeaConnection teams work every day solving challenges for companies of all sizes – from Fortune 10s to single proprietorships. IdeaConnection has been solving problems since 2007 by assembling multidisciplinary teams lead by world-class facilitators, who develop intensely researched, innovative, and in-depth solutions. Using this approach, IdeaConnection has achieved a best-in-class solve rate for problems ranging from food science, chemistry, engineering, biology, game theory, crop science, packaging, big data, consumer products and much more.

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