Marketing Automation Engineering Practice Launched


Clients Increasingly Require Engineering Expertise to Implement Marketing Operations Management Technologies

PlazaBridge Group, LLC, a services and technology firm specialized in innovation commercialization and revenue growth consulting, announced today the creation of a new practice focused on Marketing Operations Management and engineering services to support the newest growth hacking tools and applications.

The emerging systems for automating marketing and sales operations are radically altering the emphasis and priorities of CIOs and CMOs, even to the extent of blurring their respective job functions. An increased need for supplemental talent which can both bridge the marketing acumen necessary to understand detailed customer experience analytics and the technical experience to implement complicated systems is driving increased services revenues.

Marketing Operations Management revenue is expected to continue double-digit growth rates according to leading software research firms. Although 76% of large SaaS firms already utilize automation platforms, the migration to medium and small businesses is expected to drive growth well into 2018. This growth includes services in implementation planning, key requirements definitions, systems utilization support and continuing operations management. According to a recent study CMOs are expected to seek outside technical assistance to minimize impact to existing IT resources.

“Our clients increasingly seek our experience managing and optimizing the complex array of marketing systems” stated PlazaBridge Group General Partner, Richard Spangler. “Though the platform providers strive for ease of use, we know this is simply not the case. Technical knowhow is an absolute requirement in making these applications work for the business, rather than the other way around.”


A webinar series is scheduled for June:

1. A Comprehensive Planning Model for Marketing Automation: Key tools for accelerating revenue growth from a lean organization. Webinar: June 16th, 2014; 2:00pm EST
2. Top Integration Risks in Implementing Data Driven Marketing Automation: Pieces, puzzles and data exchanges in support of seamless integration. Webinar: June 24th, 2014; 2:00 EST
3. Impacts of Industry Leading Marketing Automation: A non-biased examination of platforms, technologies and best-practices. Webinar: June 27, 2014; 2:00 EST

About PlazaBridge Group
PlazaBridge Group is a specialized service firm dedicated to innovation commercialization and revenue growth consulting. We deploy multi-disciplinary innovation teams of experts in sales, marketing, engineering and international trade. We set ourselves apart from the sea of consultants by producing results consistently across our clients, and have done so for over 6 years. PlazaBridge Group delivers insight from analytics, sales from creative value propositions and shareholder wealth from calculated competitive strategies. Our engineering teams are experts in building integrated systems that leads to revenue growth. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, we serve clients throughout the East Coast and in select international markets. Find more about us at

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