Product Management is Strategic


Success in business is more often determined by who has the better strategy than who has the better product. Unfortunately, too many companies think strategy is a corporate staffing role with engagement limited to the C-suite. This conceptualization fails to tap into the unique perspective that Product Management brings to the table.

If you have the slightest doubt about the effectiveness or strategic value of the Product Management capability within your organization, then you are most likely wasting time, attention and money developing products that are irrelevant or out of step with the market. And that means not building sustainable value for your company.

Skilled Product Managers focus on aggregate outcomes of a business and are best suited for embracing outside-in thinking. They know the market and engage with customers to convey problems and needs. Their role is such that nobody in the organization knows the product uses and applications better than them. They are uniquely concerned with more than just the current product release or latest customer deal, but also what is needed to win in the next market with the next set of products over the next couple years.

Only a comprehensive Product Management approach can provide the discipline and structure needed for pulling together the strengths of an entire organization to make effective product and go-to-market decisions. They should be considered a strategic role within a company to help define the business and shape the future direction of the company.

Product Management Continuum

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