Repurpose Content- Old Is New Again


I love old things! Old books, old vinyl records, old posters and old songs. But I am a new and trendy aficionado . I love them more when they are somewhat refreshed and presented to me in new ways. When the desire is to present your brand/company as a thought leader in the industry it can feel daunting to generate new papers, articles, blog posts, white papers, studies and keep it all looking fresh. Here are 3 simple tips to follow to help you along the path of content that is meaningful…

1. Meaningful to who? Know your audience and who you are writing or generating the content for. Do your homework, search the web for similar topics. Become a good aggregator. Navigating through the world of information is more challenging than ever so if you can put a fresh and simple face on complex ideas you will be creating very useful tools to help

2. Show me the way! Repurpose content that has been written in past and break it down into smaller digestible chunks. Are you doing lots of webinars in your company? Pull 1 minute snippets of the video or create short podcasts 1 to 3 minute tips.

3. Keep it all so simple. In a world of mass information, we need s more need for short form as consumers but don’t forget long form can be very valuable in really showcasing insights.

4. A picture is worth 1000 words, but the right picture is crucial. Not all consumers of content are visual and understand metaphors. Remember to use visuals, data and stories when sharing concepts and ideas.

Short and sweet today.

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