Companies from all segments are seeking to drive additional revenue through expansion to international markets–a task easier said than done. Many turn to government programs like the ITA in the Department of Commerce. Some start by themselves and learn as they go. Others seek those that have driven new initiatives in key international markets and can deliver revenue beyond advice. This is what sets us apart at PlazaBridge group

Over the years PlazaBridge Group has built a wide network of contacts including Commerce Department partnerships, distribution outlets across numerous emerging markets and a solid reservoir of thought leaders who know the barriers that early entrants can encounter. We have helped companies secure predictable returns on their international efforts. We have guided smaller companies seeking assurances that their contracts are reliable with in country partners. We negotiate these contracts from a keen understanding of the local business environment and the individual personalities of key decision makers.  PlazaBridge associates have direct experience with key emerging economies and can speak the language. Whether seeking direct distribution partnerships, preparing products for compliance certifications or selling “internationalized” products and services via the internet, our associates have successfully navigated the expansion of companies into new revenue opportunities.

We take a systematic approach to each of our core strengths. The choice to learn the intricacies of export logistics or the labyrinth of regulatory certification is yours. If you wish to leverage those that have already learned the processes, PlazaBridge Group is a good place to start.

International Logistics: Our knowledge of how to get your products shipped at the lowest cost starts a chain of opportunity for your company.  We work with carriers to secure reliable shipment and least cost delivery; even to the point of securing partial container partners that can help both companies ship products with minimal risk.

Product Internationalization: Beyond certifications, beyond tariff documents, beyond logistical distribution of pieces and parts lies the domain of market acceptance. Gaining acceptance of your product under local needs and buyer motivation is critical to revenue success. Anyone can introduce your company to distributors. And any company can achieve early channel-centric sales. We at PlazaBridge Group go beyond to create real value propositions that have sustainable advantage.

Distribution Partnerships: Many of our clients rely on us to build in-country channels. We leverage all the network contacts we have in Commerce and business communities in those countries we focus on. Building rapid market presence is critical for smaller companies; the upfront costs can be punitive. While most companies in the U.S. only export to one other country, the opportunity to leverage other company’s experience requires a centralized player to make the introductions. PlazaBridge Group can be that player.

Sponsored Trade Missions: PlazaBridge Group’s strong relationship with the NCWTA ensures privileged access to trade missions to even some of the most inaccessible markets.

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