PlazaBridge Group focuses on generating revenue for our clients. This requires new thinking in markets and brand awareness. This also requires an expertise in 21st Century methodologies of securing interest and gaining traction with prospects. PBG teams work in a coordinated fashion to apply strategic thought to execution strategies for gaining awareness, acquiring a lead, shepherding that lead through the sales funnel and bringing promotional influence to close new customers. Our approach is significantly different because each PBG engagement has the associates arrayed to provide expertise in each of the functional disciplines of branding, public relations, strategic selling, digital marketing and product planning. The Peter Drucker method of outsourcing each component can bring added coordination burden to clients. The PBG approach eliminates this burden.

Our expertise in applying marketing and sales tools to companies IT infrastructure creates a new level of simplicity in tracking and managing the marketing and sales process. The addition of Marketing Execution Systems and sales funnel management applications can improve efficiencies and raise follow-through activity. Our knowledge of how best to integrate these systems into existing sales and marketing organizations has brought many of our clients a renewed sense of effectiveness.

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