Richard Spangler to Speak at ModSim World Conference March 31-April 2, 2015


Modsim World Conference 2015

As part of a panel discussing The Simulation Century, lead by Richard Boyd, CEO, Szl

“The Simulation Century” – The Era of Thinking Machines This is our third annual session to address the growing issue of managing the human/machine interface as we hurtle towards the Singularity. We will continue our discussion of how to achieve fluency with smarter simulations, achieving the right blend of man and machine to optimize outcomes. The Simulation Century Panel presentations will focus on the growing importance of simulation in a wide variety of fields from healthcare and education to government and military. These brief, high impact presentations will envision how 21st century simulation will shape humanity’s future.

Moderator: Mr. Richard Boyd, CEO, SZL.IT, Inc.

  • Presentations and Speakers:
  • Mr. Richard Boyd, CEO, SZL.IT, “Everyone Can Be Bruce Wayne, Part 2”
  • Dr. Zeeshan Usmani, CTO and Founder, Inc., “Searching the Future”
  • Mr. Stuart Bullard, Founder, UAVSA, “Human Drones”
  • Mr. Richard Spangler, Co-Founder, The PlazaBridge Group, “Business Continuity and Resiliency Planning”
  • Dr. Chris Hazard, Founder, Hazardous Software, “Trust Between Man and Machine”

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