C. Ashton Drew, PhDDirector of Decision Analysis

    Dr. C. Ashton Drew has over 20 years’ experience focused on the challenges of decision-making and planning within complicated and complex systems.  Trained in ecological sciences and natural resource management, her work combines quantitative and qualitative data analytics from both natural and social sciences to address emergent challenges.  As a collaborator with PlazaBridge Group, she assists organizations to evolve the data culture and awareness necessary to transition to data-driven, anticipatory practice.

    Beloit College, WI, Environmental Biology, BA 1995
    Dalhousie University, NS, Marine Management, MMM 1996
    North Carolina State University, NC, Marine Biology, PhD 2006
    North Carolina State University, NC, Landscape Ecology, Post-doc 2006-11

    NCSU, 2011-present, Research Coordinator, Environmental Decision Analysis
    NCSU, 2006-2011, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Biodiversity and Spatial Information Center
    NCSU, 2003-2005, Graduate Research Associate, Marine Ecology and Conservation Lab
    NCSU, 2000-2003, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Marine Ecology and Conservation Lab
    NCSU, 1999-2000, Laboratory Technician, Marine Ecology and Conservation Lab
    US EPA, 1998-1999, Research Technician (contractor), Landscape Characterization Branch
    Axys Environmental Consulting, 1996-1998, Wildlife Biologist and GIS Technician
    Marine Biological Laboratory, 1993, NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Intern

    Selected Publications
    – Drew CA, Collazo JA (2014) Bayesian Networks as a Framework to Step-down and Support Strategic Habitat Conservation of Data-poor Species: A case study with King Rail (Rallus elegans) in Eastern North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia.  Prepared for the USFWS Region 4, Raleigh Field Office, NC by the USGS – North Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, NCSU
    – Drescher M, Perera AH, Johnson CJ, Buse LJ, Drew CA, and Burgman MA (2013) Toward rigorous use of expert knowledge in ecological researchEcosphere 4(7): 83
    – Costanza, JK, Abt R, Drew CA, Gonzales R, Collazo JC (2013) Modeling Impacts of Biomass Production on Landscapes and Wildlife. Final Report to the Biofuels Center of NC
    – Drew CA, Alexander-Vaughn LB, Collazo JA, McKerrow A, Anderson J (2013) Developing an Outcome-based Biodiversity Metric in Support of the Field to Market Project. Technical Bulletin 334, NC Agricultural Research Service, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, NCSU
    – Hightower, JE, Harris JE, Raabe JK, Brownell P, Drew CA (2012) Habitat suitability models for American shad in southeastern riversJournal of Fish and Wildlife Management 3(2):184-198
    – Drew CA, Alexander-Vaughn LB, Collazo JA, Reid JP, Slone DH (2012) Science Summary in Support of Manatee Protection Area (MPA) Design in Puerto Rico.  Technical Bulletin 330, North Carolina Agricultural Research Service, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, NCSU.
    – Perera AH, Drew CA, Johnson CJ (eds) (2011) Expert Knowledge and its Application in Landscape Ecology.  Springer, New York
    Pijanowski B, Iverson L, Rhemtulla J, Wimberly M, Drew CA, Bartsch A, Bulley H, Peng J (2010)  Addressing the interplay between poverty and landscapes: a grand challenge topic for landscape ecologists.  Landscape Ecology 25:5-16
    – Drew CA, Wiersma Y, Huettmann FH (eds) (2010) Predictive Species and Habitat Modeling in Landscape Ecology: Concepts and Applications.  Springer, New York
    – Hess GR, Rubino MJ, Koch FH, Eschelbach KA, Drew CA, Favreau JM (2006) Comparing the potential effectiveness of conservation planning approaches in central North Carolina, USABiological Conservation 128: 358-368
    – Favreau JM, Drew CA, Hess GR, Eschelbach KA, Rubino MJ, Koch FH (2006) Recommendations for assessing the effectiveness of surrogate species approachesBiodiversity and Conservation 15: 3949-3969

    Course Development and Instruction
    Interactive Data Visualization and Application Development with R (2016)
    Climate Change and Conservation Planning (2009)
    Hierarchical Species-Habitat Analysis and Conservation (2007 & 2008)
    Natural Resource Measurements (2003)
    Landscape Ecology (2002)

    Certifications and Training
    Hadoop, MapR, and AWS Elastic MapReduce (various: 2016)
    R Programming and Data Analysis (various: 2014-2017)
    Cynefin & Sense-Making (2015), SenseMaker Environments (2015), and Signification Design (2015)
    Analysis of Community Data with PCOrd and R (2014)
    Bayesian Network Analysis with Netica (2013)
    Introduction to Guidos (2013)
    Introduction to R Programming (2012)
    Elicitator & Probability Elicitation through Scenario Analysis (2011)
    Modeling Patterns and Dynamics of Species Occurrence Workshop (2007)
    Model Based Inference in the Life Sciences Workshop (2007)
    ArcGIS and Spatial Analyst (2006); Introduction to Arc/Info (1999)

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