The Creative Umbrella


PlazaBridge Group works with many technology and biotechnology companies. Collaborating with engineers and technology visionaries is part of what we do. And we do it quite well. I have come to notice a fundamental tenant of engineering excellence that should be intuitive but isn’t.

Tech-centric managers must offer “creative room” to their staffs. Engineers love to get into the specifics of solutions. They can dive deeper into problems than most others. If these same engineers find themselves in senior positions like CTO or V.P of Engineering without acknowledging they should no longer work the details, their staffs and the creative passion that should accompany them disappear.

We see lots of engineering organizations with tour de force senior management that still define the details of their projects. This leaves the staff to simply go through the motion of root design. It is painful to watch the disenigration of the organization and the energy collapse that precedes it. We advise: Open wide when the rain comes and clam up to let the sunshine in.

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