The “New World”​ Needs Armies of Human Imagineers!


“I wish to Inspire an Army of Imagineers to Imagine a Better World”

Imagineering is not just for Disney! What inspires you? What motivates you to get up every morning and “Zoom” your day away? What the world needs now is “change sweet change” and it will not come from doing the same ole same ole. We know this to be true. But are we afraid of lifting off the band-aides from the months of quick fixes? Maybe not if we “imagineer” our way to the new world.

Many of the quick fixes may be long lasting but what are will your company do to weather the next few years? How are you continuing to innovate new solutions, or better meet customer’s changing needs: what they needed yesterday and even today will not be the same tomorrow.

Entrepreneurs are innovators but innovators are not always entrepreneurial.

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Imagination what’s (Im)-Possible!


GoogleFacebookAppleTesla and SpaceX…. founders and companies like these don’t quit – they adapt! They imagine and innovate encouraging human imagineering of the impossible and how to make the impossible possible!

How can your company create more of an entrepreneurial mindset? How do you encourage imagination? Swifting from profits to purpose can play a big role in swifting the mindsets in your company. Encouraging curiosity is so important!

What’s important is getting your people to think about their “purpose in life” and “their purpose and value working for you. Shifting cultures to more purpose driven is work. It’s not just having those values posted behind you on your Zoom background screen for everyone to remember. Purpose is felt, I am engaged when I buy into a mission; your mission if I am a customer. So purpose drives better business, more socially conscious investors and stronger engagement in your company. Your team will have more mental cycles to feel curious, explore new ideas and to be more innovative. It becomes ingrained in your culture. “Imagineering takes this 10 steps further!” Building your imagineering team offers exciting ways to look at the future. Imagine what could be, how a better world might form and how you might serve this world to help it us all be safer, healthier, happier, have more fun.

It’s more important than you think. During times of crisis, individual purpose can be a guidepost that helps people face up to uncertainties and navigate them better, and thus mitigate the damaging effects of long-term stress. Our own research finds a positive correlation between the purposefulness of employees and their company’s EBITDA4 margin. McKinsey Insights


Persevering takes shape through knowledge of market’s cycles, trends and behaviors. Imagineers, look beyond the trends. They help to set the new trends. “From mobile apps to fortune-telling robots, Disney’s Imagineers are using digital technology to create unique, but very human, experiences across its theme parks. While Imagineers are discovering ways that technology contributes to Disney’s magic, the company is also weary about taking digital integration too far. Here, we explore the innovative ways in which Disney is evolving to keep up with digital age, and the traditions that the imaginative brand is fighting to keep.” A World of Pure Imagineering

Noted in the article: Imagineering to disney is disney’s right brain. To make imagination come to reality we need whole brains and left brainers to help us. It takes a diverse set of humans to both imagine, design and to create! There’s been few times in history where markets have changed seemingly every day. This is one of those times. It begs us to also be changing, shifting and pivoting our businesses.

Here are a few actions that may help your business weather through the uncertainties:

  • Gather Your Imagineering Team- Anything is possible but if you don’t dream it you will never create it. Select your Human Imagineering team. Who do you believe can imagine to the wildest of dreams (big dreams) and vision the future of what is (im)..possible for your company.
  • End any #toxicity in your company culture. This is not easily done overnight but with a few steps toxic cultures (bully bosses, heavy politics, backstabbing, narcissistic and ego driven cultures…) can be transformed into purpose driven and growth minded culture. One way to start may be to incorporate stronger transparency (and confidential) feedback mechanisms. There are a number of tools that allow for this effectively and keeps the individuals reporting names private. Find your growth minded, curiosity driven ambassadors and encourage them to reach out to others in the company.
  • Build a continuous innovation engine. This will be crucial to continued success. Our work involves creating a framework and a methodology for continuous innovation for our clients: acting in many cases as your entrepreneurs-in-residence or your chief product officers. We are curious, we investigate and deliver insights and strategic that are achievable and we execute to prototypes, MVPs and first customers. How can you tell if you have curious growth minded and digitally literate people on your team? We have created assessments, tools and mentoring programs for our clients to help build us mentor and to help their people development initiatives. It’s not our core business but it’s core to our success!
  • If you build it with passion, vision and purpose (GREATLY) they will come! but you need executors that know how to interpret visions to to realities.
  • If it’s easy, ask, is it worth doing? If it’s hard to do, you may have a winning strategy..
  • Innovation and imagination is not confined to the obvious, it takes digging deep and exploration.
  • Global greatness is not immune to challenges and having to PIVOT will be a new normal constant.
  • When developing the show “O” Cirque du Soleil founder had to raise $975 Million to build the stage and underwater pool in the Bellagio. YES, million. There was no doubt if they built it that people would come! Cirque’s been a passionate and purpose driven entertainment company proving if you can imagine it it can be a reality. Your target investors may laugh in your face when you ask for $1.2 Million…laugh back and find another way!

On the surface, “O” is a stunningly simple show. But 17 feet below the massive pool’s surface and 110 feet above stage, you see the technology at work. Cnet

  • “Never say never” because as soon as you do you will believe NEVER is possible.

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