Walgreens: An example of a successful integrated marketing approach

Walgreens | A successful integrated marketing approach example | Consultative selling

How is Walgreens winning my heart and business! By NOT SELLING! Companies can no longer overlook the importance of an integrating their marketing and sales efforts.

Recently, I stopped in to a Walgreens on the way to an event to pick up a few needed items. Usually I go to CVS, which is closer to my home and generally at the top of mind for convenience when I need something.  Let me be really honest, I do not like going to CVS but I go because it is right there.  I generally feel this way about all pharmacies, drug stores or general stores like these.  They do nothing for me, I feel like I am 80 years old when I walk in the door.

This particular day I walked in the front door and into the general direction of the cosmetics, shampoos, tooth brushes and lotions… you know the sections.  A young woman approached me and asked if she could assist me. I said no, barely even recognizing her existence.  Not to be rude but her question was unexpected and unfamiliar to me in this surrounding that it really didn’t register.

I continued shopping… I had a few items in my hand and this young woman approaches me again this time with two coupons and she says “this will save you $15.00 on these two items, let me know what other items you select, I will look for more coupons for you!”   Ok, wait, you are trying to help me save money? You really want to HELP me?   Her approach stopped me in my tracks and I began asking questions and here is what I learned:

  1. She is tasked by her company to help busy people that may not have time to clip coupons or search for sales! Ok, that sounds like me!
  2. They have a special register for us busy people and her role is to be there to guide us through the aisles and help us find what is needed quickly
  3. She is there to answer any questions about any products at any time and returns, no worries if there is problem she can provide you credit or an alternative product if there was a problem with a product. This is consultative selling at it’s finest!

This, my friends, is HOW WE NEED TO BE SELLING TODAY!


  2. Putting together a comprehensive integrated marketing plan
  4. Showing value in savings where there is a possibility to save money
  5. Consultative selling: It will win you business!

Here is what I know for sure:

Walgreen’s executive team understands the necessity of an integrated marketing driven sales support! It takes an army to pull off the kind of services that this young woman is offering. She makes it look easy but those of us in the business of sales, marketing and business development know it is not.

Four things you can do:

  1. ensure your marketing team is tightly integrated with the sales team… there is no room for finger pointing any longer.
  2. It is not all the sales team fault if you are not hitting your numbers revenue or profitability – again- if your teams are not totally integrated and all working on the same end game (the vision, the goals… what are you trying to accomplish and be when you grow up) … you will risk remaining status quo or worse ….death
  3. Sales by not selling requires time, investment and a team that understands how to serve the unique client sets you are targeting! Look into consultative selling training
  4. Walgreens is proving that you can be very strategic with your transactional sales teams… an example of a company using a successful integrated marketing approach.

No more CVS for me, all Walgreens!

Plazabridge Group team is also at your service to provide the above! We do want to service over-achieving all expectations, our goal is to guide you in your own decision -making and provide economic benefits in all ways possible.



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