Who We Serve

We have provided services to two-man start-ups and to Fortune 50 corporations, and the consistent theme is always revenue growth. Along the way we have developed knowledge about highly technical products and services and standard commodity market staples alike. We recognize the criticality of “knowing your product” in selling and marketing.

Industry Projects

PlazaBridge Group, by the very nature of our offerings and skills, naturally engages with clients who are seeking innovative approaches to competing with traditional products. Whether looking for new uses for Reinforced Fiberglass Polymer (RFP) in Critical Infrastructure improvement or helping map market impacts of new composite LNG tanks on existing value chains, Plazabridge Group has worked with clients in a variety of Composite Material markets.

Positioning Products with Mechanical Designers and Engineers

A client who markets fiberglass products engaged PBG to help determine the best route to position their products with mechanical designers and engineers. The PBG team researched key search terms that were of interest to the client to develop insight into market trends and intersected this information with the on-line and social media behavior of designers. Early adopters were identified, subject matter experts (SMEs) were determined and a systematic information diffusion campaign was executed. Both traditional public relations strategies and emerging internet information dissemination techniques were employed. Additional research was completed to isolate new product differentiation opportunities that incorporated both advanced science (i.e., photonics) and new production technologies.

Bringing New 3D Printing Materials to Market

Another company sought PBG’s help in bringing new materials for 3D Printing technology to market. Specifically, product requirements documentation were developed and used to assist internal engineering teams with product development. An analysis of current, state of the art 3D Printing technologies was conducted and a competitive matrix was created to define opportunities. Business development strategies were executed to ensure manufacturers were aware of the new developments.

A large candle company sought PlazaBridge Group’s help in bringing a new line of specialty products to consumers across the U.S. Our Innovation Growth Team investigated the competitive landscape, the relative rankings and keyword strategies of competitors and created an SEO strategy to bring greater segment relevant visitors to the company’s new online store. Follow-up contact was measured consistently and a touch drip campaign successfully demonstrated a unique value statement progression. The visitor rate jumped and the growth in revenue reflected a systematic approach to funnel management.

The deterioration of America’s infrastructure is well known. Over 68% of bridges are in need of immediate repair. Liquid Natural Gas pipelines are expanding as older pipelines are failing. U.S. ports are increasingly requiring upgrades to compete on a world scale. Construction companies, engineering firms and supplies of equipment are the first to see the opportunities. PlazaBridge Group brought one engineering firm into the 21st Century with added internet presence. From an optimized website to a new strategy for generating awareness, PBG associates worked alongside internal groups to update the company’s marketing message and bring new value messages to the forefront of their marketing efforts.

For one company looking to market new products into the LNG space, PBG personnel conducted a market analysis on growth prospects for LNG infrastructure and how new materials might be used in plant construction, marine transportation design and pipeline repair. This analysis led to new product offerings and the repositioning of existing products that could be applied to this explosive market. The net result was new revenue opportunities and expanded markets.

A leading Southeastern U.S. cyber security firm engaged PlazaBridge Group to create a marketing automation function to support direct sales. The overwhelming growth of the cyber security market was creating inefficiencies in the sales process: too many sales people were chancing low probability opportunities without high probabilities of success. PBG created a more systematic approach to sales funneling that isolated the less mature prospects, creating a marketing process that delivered thought leadership material, educated the prospect on decision criteria favorable to the company and established ROI measurements which brought a sense of urgency to the decision making process.

PBG was asked to bring a strategy view to product strategy for one company delivering solutions and services to first responders and Homeland Security agencies. The effort involved looking at new communications technologies and how they could influence the changes in how both public and private incident commanders might direct field actions. The growth of BYOD and the significant economies of scale advantages in SAT hardware were opening new market categories that were ready for expansion. Mobility was becoming the norm. Lower cost alternatives for more expensive satellite antennas were reducing footprint and weight. Developing new solution packaging could bring newer markets into the company’s strategy.

Plazabridge Group associates started with an investigation into the value drivers for new communication solutions. The group analyzed the regulations driving actions, the methods for procurement of new solutions in both the public sector and private sector and conducted direct research on changing priorities of incident commanders. This culminated in a new company approach in how they brought new products to market. A coordinated approach brought clearer value messages, integrated with an SEO effort and broader market outreach program.

Our work spans the spectrum of activity required to deliver innovative medical devices to market. PlazaBridge Group has worked with both F100 companies in launching new devices and helped smaller companies shepherd grant-developed prototypes through FDA certification processes.

For one of our smaller clients, our teams developed a validation and certification strategy for a company receiving an SBIR to develop an innovative immunoassay reader leveraging SARs and Spectroscopy science. We saught and obtained participation in the NIH Commercial Assistance Program (CAP). The PlazaBridge Group team attended the conferences and created the necessary documentation supporting the NIH program. Final presentations and reports were delivered in Washington, D.C. to NIH senior managers. Business development activities with key CAP advisors from leading medical device companies followed from our efforts. Our team also assisted the company in developing 510K support materials and consulted on the execution.

We assisted a large medical device company who wanted to rebrand a lesser-known device to bring revenues in line with senior management expectations. The division head sought our expertise in exposing his device’s value to a larger on-line audience. The development of new strategic value messages preceded a content development effort. The new content leveraged greater insight into consumer on-line behavior and a greater understanding of how the corporate website traffic could lead to larger device page traffic. The net results were greater brand awareness as measured by traffic analytics, content pick-up and content downloads.

PlazaBridge Group has experience in many aspects of the pharmaceutical industry from drug discovery efforts to pharmacovigilance services and trial signaling software to distribution of final approved product. Each engagement has focused on revenue attainment and market expansion.

A leading pharmacovigilance service company sought our help to build smarter sales strategies. The team reinforced the company’s brand messaging strategy through direct customer and prospect surveying and used this insight to build campaign content. Installation of SalesForce.com and the building of management reporting preceded a comprehensive training program for outbound sales. Sales velocity increased, and the company then asked PlazaBridge Group to develop new services strategy to supplement their current portfolio of adverse event (AE) tracking/reporting and medical evaluation consulting. The PlazaBridge Group engagement supported the company’s valuation and the company was acquired.

A pioneer in pharmacy automation asked PlazaBridge Group to assist with developing a quantifiable value proposition to support business development efforts with major pharmacy chains. The project involved market research to gather pharmacy operations statistics and consumer behavior. The company used the intelligence to secure partnerships in the pharmacy automation market. Additional projects targeted the development of new products and new markets including go-to-market launch strategies and execution. The company secured numerous rounds of funding on the way to greater sales milestones, based on the efforts of PlazaBridge Group.

The PlazaBridge Group work teams have supported new product development, product launch, and distribution expansion for known scientific instrument companies delivering spectrometers and advanced camera systems. Our team crafted product plans, product requirement documents and product promotional strategies for Raman Spectrometers targeted at the academic and commercial markets. PlazaBridge Group helped pioneer new spectrometer applications and helped define chemometric methods and targets in support of the marketing plan.

We investigated other devices like hyperspectral cameras, Raman based quality control systems for manufacturing and substance interrogation, and IR spectrometers for commercialization. From there, we developed Marketing plans and performed competitive intelligence to support company Board-level decision-making. PlazaBridge Group teams supported SBIR and other grant proposals, as well as leaded the coordination of partners in major RFP responses. We also led the creation and strategic positioning in support of securing Venture Capital investment.

New applications for advanced sensing technologies, include spectrometer sensing and spectral imaging, are increasing found in security and safety monitoring. PlazaBridge Group supported clients in gaining awareness in Homeland Security and public safety markets for new advanced sensor designs. Knowledge of laser imaging systems and target signatures became a mainstay for our associates. Now, we apply this knowledge to other scientific instrument companies seeking new applications for their innovations in photonics, optical communication design, advanced hyperspectral sensors and motion sensors.

PlazaBridge Group engagements often lead to the development of new applications for clients. From Cloud Computing based service applications to database intensive look-up applications, our development staff understands the new cloud development environments.

Our team has built .NET applications for managing field-deployed hardware in real time. A dashboard analytical user interface delivered added visibility to how customers used the product. The user was automatically notified when upgrades were required to ensure consistent performance. Each unit referenced a central database for determining operational results from the use of the product. Each element required an expertly designed architecture and framework.

Our teams are often asked to take the rudimentary work of building websites for marketing and transforming them into intelligence gathering applications that provide added benefit to management. By integrating traditional CRM and Marketing Management Systems into seamless applications for a variety of internal audiences, we develop unique reports and analytical tools. We develop dashboard interfaces for senior management and we build these applications in a variety of environments with multiple industry-leading tools.

Many of our associates and partners have backgrounds in mobile communication and wireless networks. From edge devices to RF infrastructure, our associates have the technical knowledge to navigate product plans that require leverage of today’s ubiquitous cellular networks.

Our client history includes major innovators in SAT communication technologies for first responder applications, which brought our teams in contact with first-of-its-kind Fly-Away systems and new antenna designs. PlazaBridge Group teams excel in the ability to rapidly develop product plans to carry these innovations forward to market adoption. Also, our ability to “dummy down” the technology to gain greater Web-centric understanding provides an expanded lead generation funnel that other more directed methodologies might miss.