Large Companies

PlazaBridge Group has conducted numerous engagements with F100 companies seeking new ideas in growth strategies. Our teams have delivered products to market, conducted due diligence on M&A activity and planned new marketing automation process engineering efforts. All involve a team approach to delivering on real results, with verifiable success metrics in in accelerated timeframes.

SMB Markets

Determining the best and most lucrative growth strategy is a daunting task for any CEO. An outside perspective, experienced in growth strategies, can often be the difference between success and failure. Smaller companies require faster, efficient returns on effort; they simply can’t afford missteps. PBG understands this and is keenly focused on the early return of value in our services.       

Start-up Community

Plazabridge Group has a long history of helping the start-up community. Our seminars and “disruptive” forums supply new thinking to the community. Our connections with the VC community inevitably present early stage companies as clients needing business strategy support. The experience we offer ensures progressive thinking and critical decision support.

Global Expanding Companies

Navigating operational and sales/marketing expansion activities into other countries or entering the U.S. market, can be costly if not done with foresight. Our associates have extensive experience in international expansion and delivering on a global sales and market effort. Past engagements have been delivered in both bringing international companies to U.S. markets and taking U.S. based companies to key international markets. We provide both market studies to support decision making and go-to-market processes that ensure early successes.

Venture Capital Firms

Our reputation among the VC community has been built on decades of working for, starting up and servicing VC funded companies. We understand how to create shareholder value quickly in support of greater round to round valuations.

Professional Service Firms

PlazaBridge Group has delivered numerous engagements to service firms in the Contract Research Organization markets, marketing SaaS segment and professional services firms in facilities management, factory automation and defense business.

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